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Leasing Process

Our dedicated leasing specialist will work with you to ensure that your property will get the broadest possible audience. To make sure that we would be able to pitch your property to prospective tenants - we would list your property on our trusted websites, where we communicate with potential tenants and cater to their questions.

Rental Market Analysis

Setting the best and fairest rental price is detrimental to any rental business. We understand that excellent business success comes with heavy social responsibility. So long as you have us - we will work with you in addressing and sustaining this societal gap. Most businesses fail because they lack professional knowledge on cultivating brand awareness and the value of their brand. Here in Next Step Property Management, Inc. - we got your back! Our experienced team will guide you in getting the correct analysis of the different market conditions to develop a just and competitive rental price.

Professional Virtual Tours

Tenants know what they want! When they are interested in a particular property - we have to sustain that interest by presenting them with quality photos and professional-looking videos. Providing them with a professionally satisfying virtual experience would help them get away with the hassle of personally going to the property.

Business Awareness

We utilize the state-of-the-art software called AppFolio to assist us in quickly listing your rental on all current marketing websites like Zillow and Redfin. These tools would help us ensure that your home receives maximum exposure while maintaining a fair market rent for your investment property.

Painting Wall

In our pursuit to work to be one with you and your tenants in maintaining your property's excellent condition, our maintenance portal is readily available 24 hours a day. Our state-of-the-art, user-friendly software can help you further prevent maintenance problems by allowing tenants to submit maintenance requests online. We use as many locally owned and operated vendors as possible and work closely with them to ensure you receive the best possible price. Our knowledgeable staff will promptly address the maintenance issue to avoid further damage, ensure tenant satisfaction, and protect your property. We will be more than willing to walk you through the maintenance report and answer your inquiries if need be.

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Finding a good tenant is vital to your business. We only hire the best of the best! We will find you reliable and trustworthy renters who will treat your rental property as their own using our comprehensive tenant selection process. Our screening process deems to weed risky tenants by requiring them to submit the necessary information to ensure that your property would be well taken care of and prevent foreseeable tenant-related challenges. We thoroughly screen prospective tenants with the following: - Employment history - Credit Score - Previous landlords (for references) - Criminal History - Eviction History We aim to take care of you and your property, and in doing that we also have to assure you that we conduct thorough background checks to ensure we select only the best tenants. After verifying all information and references, we will help you welcome them home!

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You can now set yourself free from the billing headache! As we ensure that payments are processed quickly and efficiently, we encourage all tenants to pay rent online and set up recurring payments immediately upon move-in. You can bank on our expertise in tenant law and our ability to mitigate further rent problems by meticulously checking the parameters before sending appropriate notices and fees. No checkings account? No problem! Our software partners with most 7-11 locations for direct cash/money order deposits, which eliminates the need for tenants to mail their rent.

Country House

Our staff and vendors constantly monitor your property, even during off-hours! We conduct annual interior checks to ensure that essential services function properly and address tenant concerns. We also provide you with the inspection report to ensure that we are set on the same page when we run our annual inspections. We make the business as transparent as we can by diligently keeping tabs on everything we do and allowing you to be involved in our every effort.

Judge Gavel

Enforcing and adhering to the rules is critical to a successful tenancy. Our experience has taught us the importance of being open and honest with tenants about problems as they arise, even if it means taking the role of the bad guy and holding them responsible for breaking the lease agreement. We live by the state's leading forms provider and constantly update our knowledge of federal, state, and local law changes to ensure that our lease violation notices don't cost you money in court.

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